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When you think of French braids, you probably envision elaborate hairstyles created with masses of thick, long hair.A french braid essentially wraps each of the outer portions over the middle and into the center, alternating outer portions.

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I have featured a few basic braid tutorials including How to Braid and How to Fishtail Braid so I figured it was a good opportunity to post a waterfall tutorial.

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If your hair is med to coarse, you will probably want to use a clear elastic.

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For a more intricate French braid, grab less hair from either side.Try classic french braids, mini french braids and bun braids.

Waterfall braids are a gorgeous way to wear a braid because most of the hair.

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The secret is to add a strand of hair to each section before braiding it.

Part your hair into two sections, and then fishtail each side.

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Consequently, I keep my hair up in a french braid much of the time, and also braid it each night before bed to reduce tangling.

With patience you will get a braid which goes right around your head as a crown.Then secure this in place, keep on working around the back of your head working in extra hair as you go.

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Click here for a video on how to French-braid hair. (In this story: Hair, Erika Wightman.The braiding ninjas on YouTube may make braiding your own hair look seamless, but for those of us with less-than-stellar skills, it can be hard enough to do a traditional side braid.Begin by applying a styling gel, mousse or pomade to clean, damp hair and blow drying the hair as smooth as possible.

So, I decided to put together a great list of 30 beautiful braided tutorials.

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However, with a little extra effort you can easily create beautiful French braided styles in hair that is bobbed as short as ear-lobe level.

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To braid your own hair, start by taking a section of hair from the crown of your head and dividing it into three sections.I had a boyfriend who had long blond hair and I would braid it that way sometimes.A: Theoretically, you could perm braided hair, locking in the tight wave pattern created by the braiding.

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To get the exact look from the fishtail braid tutorial video, follow the same steps, but start by braiding two small pieces of hair on one side of your head and pulling all the hair into a low.

How to do a Waterfall Braid is a new back to basics tutorial.Before you cross the right section over the center the next time, pick up a little more hair from the right side of your head.

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For a lot of people, braiding your own hair can seem like a daunting task.